Our Together Volunteers help to set up, run and/or take part in our Together Events and Activities. This can range from leading a running or walking group in our evening Run and Talk events, to teaching a new skill in our Crochet and Cuppa activity.

Whatever the event or activity you will find our volunteers are a very welcoming bunch and are always ready for a chat. 

Meet our Volunteers......

DanSeveral years ago, I suffered 2 nervous breakdowns within the space of 18 months.  There were multiple causes such as domestic abuse, bereavement and PTSD.  I was fortunate to receive the support of my family, friends, work colleagues and professional counselling.  I saw MHT on Facebook and felt this was a great opportunity to help others.

Since my full recovery I volunteer part time with MHT to help raise awareness and give support around mental health issues.  Men especially, don’t find it easy to talk about MH.  I was a victim to domestic abuse from a female and many men feel embarrassed to admit that.  I would encourage anybody to come forward and ask for help. 

JanI joined my first Mental Health Together event in early 2018, it was a Run and Talk. I knew a few of the volunteers from other running activities, but still was a little nervous about joining a new group. I really needn't have worried as I was immediately made to feel welcome and was busy chatting (albeit a little breathlessly) as we ran from beginning to end. Being part of this group has really opened my eyes to just how common mental health problems are and how just chatting to a stranger can really help.

JaseAfter recently joining Mental Health Together, I wanted to help in some sort of way whether that's talking and sharing my story or just listening to people, so I decided to become a volunteer.

I was diagnosed with depression around 7 years ago and it's weird how I know where I was when it first hit me, I was driving in my car. At first I thought it was road rage but my wife at the time said I think you need to go to the doctor's so I agreed. The day after, my marriage ended which made it a lot worse (after 11 years together) it was a really hard time of my life. Her family stopped talking to me, I even work with her mum! I ended up taking two months off work. If I remember rightly, some days I didn't want to get out of bed, crying sometimes and angry other times. It took a while to get over it but I did! With the right people around you,  you'll find you can get through anything.

Karen ReynoldsI’ve been through quite a lot over the years, I sadly lost my mum when I was 18 years old , I already had a child and was expecting my second. Although it was the hardest time in my life I carried on looking after my family and my brother and sister and threw myself back into every day life, I still have days when I’m angry, sad and truly heartbroken but I’m lucky enough to say I’ve never really had any mental health issues, I’ve always found that I just had to keep going and concentrate on being busy so that maybe I could get through difficult times. Through falling in love with running I’ve made many new friends and been on many adventures, this is how I met Karen Parkinson and got involved with offering any support I could towards her wonderful MHT group. The work the group does is wonderful and growing quickly. The wonderful runs and walk and talks are where I feel I can be most supportive.
Being a volunteer is a privilege and I hope that this group continues to grow and be a huge support to many .

MartiI first heard about Mental Health Together in the early stages and I thought it was a fantastic idea to help raise awareness of mental health and normalise conversations about it. 

Through the walking and running activities it gives people the opportunity to talk about their experiences and gain support from others who may have been in similar situations or just to have a listening ear.  

The cafe and pub meet ups are a great way to socialise with others. 

In my personal life I have experienced bereavement and seen first hand the impact this has on mental health, as well as supporting family and friends with their mental health. 

I decided to become a volunteer to help support others alongside doing some exercise which can help with mental health. I think it’s really powerful and worthwhile way of helping to reduce the stigma around mental health. 

RaphI joined Karen for the very first Run and Talk in October 2017. I went along thinking "I don't have to talk to anyone and I can just leave at the end", but the group was so friendly and welcoming, I soon found myself signing up for everything and becoming a volunteer. I'm so glad that I did. I have made many close friends of the other members and we have enjoyed so many fun and interesting events, There is no pressure to talk about anything, but if you want to, you know it's in a friendly and supportive group.

My first boyfriend had a very difficult early life suffering abuse at the now infamous children's homes in Ireland. As a teenager, I took on his mental health and anger management problems. It was the hardest time of my life. We married and struggled on. At that time I didn't realise that help was available. I felt it was just our problem and we had to get on with it. I developed anorexia and as my mental health plummeted our relationship began to fall apart. He died in a car accident and I blamed myself.