At Mental Health Together we are dedicated to providing an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and able to talk about mental health.

 Coffee and Chat

Here's what some of our members think.....

"I have taken part in many of the Mental Health Together events and activities, from Walk and Talk to crocheting to potting plants, and I’ve enjoyed them all.  It’s often a completely different group of people each time but I’ve always found them friendly and welcoming.  The Mental Health together volunteers always make sure everyone is included and part of the group.  It’s worth the effort of joining in as I always feel better after I’ve spent time with them."

 - Helen Braithwaite

"The first activity I did with MHT was a bluebell woods walk on my birthday! It was lovely to meet everyone there and it was a lovely day.

After that first activity I went on a couple of walks with stops after for a coffee or tea, a coffee and chat morning and 2 crochet & cuppa activities.

I have OCD and anxiety. It has helped me doing these activities and meeting everyone - everyone is lovely! It's great to know that there are people you can talk to who can understand your situation, and that you can listen to and hopefully help too.

I have really enjoyed the crochet activities. I like craft activities - they have helped me to focus on a task and distract me from the OCD. I will try to keep crocheting!

Thank you so much to Karen, Raphaelle and all the MHT team xx"

  - Catherine Macon

 “Just wanted to say thank you to the Mental Health Together Group. It was so good to get out with this group, as soon as your there I was made to feel so welcome and with my dodgy knees I can’t go so fast, but that was ok. Also as soon as you start to talk it helps to put everything into perspective, which is so important, so thank you to this very special group.”

— Bridget Urch

“It was great to get out of the house for a run and join in with some chatter along the way. I find the running/walking time goes so fast in the relaxed group environment. What a friendly bunch of people to be with. I turned up rather anxiously on my own, but was made to feel very welcome as soon as I arrived. I would recommend this group to others who want a little exercise with no competiveness. Afterwards you can stay for a chat and drink, but there aren’t any expectations and that’s why it’s a great group.”

 — Alison Sinclair