IMG 0408Jason helps others through being open about his own personal struggles and isn’t afraid to talk about mental health.

Jason started volunteering at the beginning of 2019 and is a great role model for Mental Health Together not only for all the time and effort he puts into the group, but for bravely putting himself forward in a predominately female group.

MHT has always struggled to encourage men to attend the events and activities and when Jason decided to be a volunteer, we recognised this brave act as we know that men find it more difficult to talk. To have Jason in the group as a role model is just fantastic!

Jason finds solace in drawing and organised his first Together Activity 'Crafty Bits and Glitz, Drawing with Jase’ back in June 2019. The activity was well received and everyone that attended enjoyed the therapeutic effect that drawing had on their mental wellbeing.

Jason also got back into running and this has really helped his mental health. He is now a member of the running club Spa Striders and you often see him running at Park Run. He really has found a love for running, entering many running events and forever chasing a new PB!

It is well known that Karen Parkinson’s father took his own life in 1991 and for years before he suffered in silence with depression. Karen was made to keep silent about how he died for many years. Recently Jason hosted an event just for Men “Break the Silence’. The event was attended by 8 men (most of whom had not been to an MHT event before). Hopefully it will be the first of many similar events in our endeavour to encourage more men to open up and join Mental Health Together.

So, Jason Hemming the Roger Parkinson Award 2019 is awarded to you for all your hard work, support and commitment for mental health awareness. We are all so proud of you and it’s a privilege to give you this award!

Well Done Jason!