The Roger Parkinson Award was awarded on World Mental Health Day 2018 and Mental Health Together's first anniversary to RRaph receiving awardaphaelle Miller.

Raphaelle is a Together Volunteer and was very humble about receiving this award, but is so deserving of the award for all the work she does not only for mental health awareness, but also for all the work she does in the community.

Raphaelle is an inspiring caring person who gives up so much of her time to help others, always putting others first. Raphaelle supported MHT right from the start through the difficult times of setting it up, her support and commitment is invaluable.

From the beginning Raphaelle came to the walk and talks, and was supportive of the Together Events.  Then, when Together Activities were set up, she was there with all her ideas for bringing people and communities together and she was the first to set up her crochet and cuppa activity, where she taught a group her crocheting skills.

Raphaelle is very passionate about zero waste and recycling, so when we decided to set up the Repair Cafe this was right up her street. She now has a fully functional Repair Cafe at the Sydni Centre in Leamington. There is so much you could say about this special lady who is so worthy of The Roger Parkinson Award.